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  1. marked by a variety of usually vivid colors for their various and bizarrely shaped plumage, males of the bird of paradise species have few rivals Synonyms of various chromatic , colored , kaleidoscopic , motley , multicolored , multihued , polychromatic , polychrome , prismatic , rainbow , varicolored , varied , variegated , colorful Words Related to various iridescent , opalescent ; brave , bright , brilliant , gay , vibrant ; flashy , garish , gaudy , loud , showy , splashy ; checkered , dotted , patterned , plaid , plaided , striped ; dappled ( also dapple), marbled , mottled , parti-color ( or parti-colored), piebald , pied , pinto ; flecked , specked , speckled , spotted ; banded , barred , brindled ( or brindle), streaked , striated ; bichrome , bicolored ( or bicolor), dichromatic , trichromatic , tricolor ( or tricolored), two-tone , two-toned Near Antonyms of various achromatic ; bleached , decolorized , faded , washed-out ; dull , faint , gray ( also grey), neutral , pale , pallid , unbrilliant Antonyms of various colorless ; monochromatic , monochromic , monotone , self-colored , solid

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    From Middle French varieux , from Latin varius (“manifold, diverse, various, party-colored, variegated, also changing, changeable, fickle, etc.")

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